Billboard illustration. Yes, I did it.

“I think that I shall never see

a billboard lovely as a tree.

Perhaps, unless the billboards fall,

I’ll never see a tree at all.”

                                                                                          –Ogden Nash

That’s a good one, but billboards are still big these days. You can blame the circuses in the last 150 years for starting it all. And then the automobile and highways. Don’t blame me; I was just a child back then.

I’ve done artwork for several through the years. Here is the illustration that went on a billboard for the radio station KUPL “morning waking crew” in Portland in the 90’s. You know, the news, traffic, sports and weather goofy crew during drive time.

morning crew billboard illustration in color. By Gary Whitley


Here is the billboard illustration before color was added:

morning crew billboard before color was added. By Gary Whitley

There were several installed around Portland along main highways and high traffic areas. The one I saw was along I-5 Northbound at Delta Park and was 14’x48′. That’s pretty big to me. When you see your illustration on your first billboard it’s exhilarating. The second, third and the rest not so much. My name wasn’t on it, so I wasn’t instantly famous or anything–  and this says it best:

“I’m on a billboard in Times Square, but my bathroom is still dirty, and I have toothpaste on my face.”

                                                           –Betty Gilpin


P.S: I’m again calling on all Grammar Police and Spelling Wizards to comment on any errors or omissions you may find in any of my posts. It will help make me a better writer, give me a thicker skin and bring a bright smile to your face knowing you have once again rescued the english language from certain annihilation.

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