It’s raining rats and frogs.

Raining too hard. Rat on boat by Gary Whitley.

After all the cold and snow it’s been raining non-stop here. As you can see by this illustration my storm drain is still working. The critters are being resourceful but it may not help them in the end. Poor Mr. Rat and his boat are probably in the Pacific Ocean by now.

Note: This drawing was based on real photos of my storm drain. Some artistic license was used.

The rain won’t last forever and so here’s a happy thought:

“I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.”


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2 thoughts on “It’s raining rats and frogs.”

  1. Hope they get sucked into a happy place. We need to run a pipeline from there to here so we can exchange heat, cool and rain. You can keep your critters, I have enough here but I would love a squirrel.

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